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    T.J. Riggins: I wanted to share my positive experiences of growing up in a small town in Iowa during the 1950s.

    Stealing Rocks

    It all started in Harold's Diner...



    T.J. Riggins

    North Pacific Press, 2022

    Paperback US $10.95

    ebook US $4.54 (When published)


    Iowa 1955: How Can Four Young Guys Make Good?

    Jake wants to strike it rich. Tom still rides a bicycle. Fred has dated almost every girl in the county. Phil works in his father’s hardware store. The four restless young men have jobs but are unsure of what life holds for them.


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  • The Sky Belongs to Everyone


    A Set of Guided Imagery Stories for Children by Theresa Henkle Langness

    The Sky Belongs to Everyone: Stories for Resilience

    by Teresa Henkle Langness


    Help your children, students, and other young people in your life hone their own sense of capacity, resilience, and self-respect through these guided imagery stories. When read aloud regularly, these stories help shape the character development, emerging social strengths, and budding leadership potential of children. Suitable for home and classroom.

  • The Sky Belongs to Everyone

    Hear excerpts read by the author:

  • Castle Gold: Terah's Team

    Inside, outside, under, and in. They dig in the cellar, climb up the castle tower, and battle weeds and bugs to search for gold. Suddenly trapped in a dirty, dark cellar, how do they escape? Six students living in Austria, Terah’s Team, unexpectedly find secret hidden rooms and an old bus, but do they find the gold?

  • Mine Not Yours: Doing Good by Being Bad

    Federal Agent Ashley Main, now suspended, has a lot of free time on her hands. What does she do? Naturally, she steals cash from drug gangs using several disguises. Then donning her ‘Mrs. Wilson’ disguise, she helps homeless families turn their lives around. Suddenly Ashley is called back to work to head a high-level task force investigating her own crimes. Could her life get any more complicated?

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    "TJ Riggins writes positive books with characters

    grounded in universal virtues."

    Based in Hokkaido Since 1971

    A Lifetime with Books

    TJ and Kathleen Riggins moved to Sapporo from Iowa in the USA in 1971. They soon realized that Hokkaido people were humble, kind, and friendly, just like where they came from. Sapporo was a great place to read, teach, raise kids, and sell books. They decided never to leave.


    TJ has owned an English school and a bookstore.


    Kathleen spent over 20 years as the librarian at the Hokkaido International School. She gained a deep appreciation for the high quality of children’s and young adult literature being published today. Now partners in the publishing business with TJ, Kathleen serves as Executive Editor.


    Since arriving, they have met hundreds of people from the Asia-Pacific area. North Pacific Press allows them to share their unique perspective on this dynamic region.

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    Stealing Rocks- What happens when four Iowa boys in 1955 decide to get rich quick?




    Earth Center- Book 1 of our new Sci-Fi Series.



    Earth Center- Book 2 of our new Sci-Fi Series.

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